Swine Flu: Something Else That is Going to Kill Me!

A month from now, it would be interesting to see where things stand.Keep this number in mind. 36,000! This is how many people die approximately each year in the United States from seasonal flu according to the Centers for Disease Control website.

The only thing that can make this flu escalate to a pandemic in the United States is another country, that is in our backyard, with less technology and sophistication to deal with the problem, and we have a porous border with them. The more people with the flu who pour into our country, the local, state, and federal officials will have a hard time containing it.

In the meantime, don't sneeze on anyone, watch your hands, and be ever diligent.

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GARY LUDWIG, MS, EMT-P, a Firehouse Magazine contributing editor, is a deputy fire chief with the Memphis, TN, Fire Department. He has 30 years of fire-rescue service experience. Ludwig is chairman of the EMS Section for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), has a master's degree in business and management, and is a licensed paramedic. He is a frequent speaker at EMS and fire conferences nationally and internationally, and can be reached through his website at www.garyludwig.com.