Lessons from the Circus: Volume III

It was really great fun for me to once again be allowed the privilege of enjoying the music of a bygone era. Our group plays music not often seen in the libraries of community bands in the United States and Canada.

It has been an important battle to me my friends. I have kept writing and lecturing on this topic since that time. It took awhile, but we in the service finally got the standards written on this critical topic a few years back. But now the problem involves getting people to adopt and fund the right staffing levels.

We keep working and battling, but in far too many cases my friends the results are less than satisfactory. My associates and I keep finding ourselves in situations where we who are doing the fighting end up getting drenched by the wind-blown products of the human urinary system. Then the bean-counting wienie city managers, politicians, and sell-out fire chiefs have the gall to tell us all that it is actually raining.

The lessons which I have brought to you from this years visit to the circus can have an impact upon your operations, but you must choose to use them. Here they are again:

  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • An emphasis on safety
  • Perseverance

Will I stop battling for what I believe is right and proper? Hell no! I cannot speak for others, but I want you to know that I am in this for the long hall. Sometimes it feels as thought I am working without a net, but since my feet rarely leave the ground I should be OK. Why not join me. I sure could use your help.