More Lesson's I Learned at the Circus

January is an important month to me. It is more than just the first month of the New Year, but it is the month when I travel south to play my tuba at the circus in Florida. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy getting together with my circus music buddies...

Their concern for the program and the young people who are placed in their care is obvious. These folks lead by example and work to build a solid team. As I watched the passing parade from my train window while leaving Florida, I paused for a moment to say a prayer for the folks at the circus and for all of you in the fire service.

Danger is our business and the only solid antidotes for death and injury are training, teamwork, and a deep and abiding concern for safety. Please try to dispense equal doses of each in the coming months and years of your fire service career. I would expect nothing less from a real leader.