500 Maydays Called in Rookie School

For the first time, Mayday Doctrine was incorporated in a Firefighter I course. The mayday training addressed the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning at the mastery level of performance.

The resources needed helps command and the RIC know what happened and what to bring e.g. "I'm stuck in some wires need wire cutters" When put together it is communicated like this: "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Division 2 Quadrant A, Engine 24, Smith, Checking for extension, I'm stuck in wires need cutters". This sentence may seem simple but under stress getting it correct is not easy. Firefighters must practice this often if they expect to be %100 competent. Command and RIC officers also need to train their listening skills to get the information correct the first time.

Whatever information communications system your fire department chooses to use for Mayday, the training requirement is the same Practice, Practice, and Practice.

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Authors Note: TrainingDivision.com

We are grateful to the January 2005 Interpersonal Dynamics class Section 1 and 2 at the National Fire Academy for their original research contribution to creating the Mayday Job Performance Requirements: Stuart Dalton, VA; Ryan Merrill, NC; Tim Pitts, KS Mike Schuppe, CO; G.P. Tucker, MD; John Galganski, VA; David Hooker, TX; Daniel Juga, WI; Les Norin, IA; Brian Ritter, TX; Brent Shanklin, TX; and Darin Swedenborg, VA.

Brent Batla is the Training Officer for the Burleson Fire Department, Burleson, TX. He holds an A.S. degree in Fire Science, B.S. Degree in Psychology, and is currently completing a M.S. Degree in Fire and Emergency Management from Oklahoma State University. He is co-owner of TrainingDivision.com, an international fire service training company, and an Emergency Services Training Center located in Crowley Texas. Brent and his company are members of the Texas Association of Fire Educators. Brent and his team of instructors created the "Entrapinator" to help develop firefighter mayday skills.