Pruning the Tree

My friends, does it seem like life is picking up speed? Wasn't it just Sunday or was it Monday. It seems like my friends at just posted my latest commentary and here I am again pounding the keys on my faithful desktop computer. What is this...

Existing commitments will be phased down wherever possible and the acceptance of new commitments shall be limited to the greatest extent possible. It would be really neat to be able to visit more with people and labor less on meaningless, repetitive tasks. You have to learn to pick and choose among the many battles life offers you.

Perhaps I am in a box of my own making. That is my problem. I want to offer you an alternative. I want to suggest that balance in life is critical. I was sharing this thought with a buddy the other day. He said that he is attempting to do the same thing in his life. The only difference is that he calls the process, "thinning the herd." The object is that we both understand the need to gain a bit more control over the tasks which drive our lives.

However, let me assure you that there is no "oh woe is me" at work here. I have enjoyed the life which has led me to the point where I can share my thoughts with you on a frequent basis. This does not preclude me from suggesting that I need to slow down a bit. There is no reason that you and I cannot share a few ways to avoid the quicksand which a too-active life can create.

I am finding that as I grow older there is a greater need for me to understand the boundaries of my life. It is critical for me to understand that I will live longer and accomplish more if I can learn to live within myself. Friends, it is my fervent hope that my words have some meaning for you this week.