400 Terms Every Firefighter Candidate Should Know

There are numerous terms and phrases unique to the fire service.

Becoming a firefighter is like learning a new language. Many candidates think that it is easy to become a firefighter, and there is not much to learn.

Once they start taking fire technology classes at the local community college or get hired by a fire department and have to now retain and understand the masses amounts of technical information that is thrown to them, they soon understand it is not as easy as they may have perceived it to be.

If you are one of those folks that think they know it all, please think again. There are numerous terms and phrases unique to the fire service and to our industry.

Fully understanding those terms and being able to provide a personalized definition should someone ask (such as during an oral interview or during your probationary process), will help lead to your success as a firefighter.

At the bare minimum, every firefighter needs to know and understand the following words or terms, and also have a definition they can offer (that doesn't sound like it was straight out of the dictionary) to an oral board or to their probationary officers they work under.

In alphabetical order, here are some words to know and understand (to successfully become a firefighter):

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