Understanding Fire Research

Most of the improvements in the fire service are based on research which may be the result of incident or series of similar incidents or the need for improvement. Session Reference: Topic: Understanding Fire Research Time Required: 2 Hours...

          • Research done in connection with the United States Fire Administration

      • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

          • Investigates workplace incidents

          • May also investigate equipment or system failures

          • Technical reports issued

          • Investigations may result in citations



      • When funding is reduced, one of the first items to be affected in research and


      • There may not be a financial incentive for private industry to undertake research

       and development efforts due to the limited fire service market and return on


      • National fire service organizations need to set national priorities for research, work

       to obtain funding to support those priorities, and support the priorities

      • There is a constant need for timely and accurate data collection, analysis, and


      • The fire service needs to look at other fields to determine if technology that can

        improve the health and safety of firefighters can be adapted to the fire service

        rather than continuing to reinvent the wheel or work in a vacuum

      • If the annual number of firefighter line of duty deaths is to be reduced, research

        initiatives must be identified and funded and the results shared and implemented





Understanding Fire Research

• Research Initiatives

• Testing and Standards

• Lessons Learned

Remotivation: While research is very important to the evolution of the fire service, benefiting from past experience and events is also important. If we do not take advantage of changes in technology and the lessons learned, we are destined to repeat past mistakes. We must also make sure that the necessary resources are provided to that the health and safety of personnel can continue to be improved.