The Apparatus Architect: Part 24

Michael Wilbur and Tom Shand detail one of the most important items for your apparatus committee to consider: developing a comprehensive tool and equipment list.

The stainless steel rescue body was designed with 10 exterior compartments outfitted with an assortment of reels, including four electric cable reels that carry 200 feet and 300 feet of 10/4 cable, two 300-foot low-pressure air reels for tools and a four-bottle cascade system with a Space Saver two-bottle fill station. The squad is also equipped with an Amkus Ultimate rescue tool system that supplies five 125-foot hydraulic reels within the forward compartment on the body.

A great amount of thought went into the design of the interior of the body. A crew bench seat accommodates six riding positions, four large storage cabinets are equipped with heavy cargo netting and all hand tools are mounted on stainless-steel shelves with appropriate 9G-rated brackets. The body is provided with both heating and air conditioning, as well as a roof-mounted escape hatch and sliding body windows. The complete tool and equipment list for the unit is quite impressive and the mounting systems used provide ready access to all equipment and make