What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Remember when you were but a wee slip of a lad or lassie? What was that one school assignment that each of dreaded upon our return to the halls of learning in September? We dreaded this assignment not because it was difficult, but because it meant...

Once again the summer vacation experiences of your associates in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington, DC can serve as a learning tool for you. What did you do during your summer vacation? Was it something just for you? On the other hand, was it something for the good of the order?

Did you move your thoughts and actions outward beyond yourself and your family and do something for someone else? I am not saying that you should ignore your family to do the work of the fire service. What I am suggesting is that you not expect the "other person" to carry the load for you.

We must all work together for the good of the fire service. I reinforced that lesson during my summer vacation this year. The future of the fire service in our nation depends upon each of you.

If you fail to share in the work needed to keep our service alive and well, then you will surely be forced to share a portion of the blame for its eventual failure. As is usually the case in my commentaries, the choice of what to do is yours and yours alone. Make the right call