Mass Fatality Response for Fire/EMS

Public safety agencies can effectively manage one or two fatalities and do so on a regular basis whether they are from traffic accidents, fires or homicides. But what happens when you are faced with numerous fatalities.

It is impossible to cover all the issues that will need to be addressed during a Mass Fatality event. An excellent tool for First Responders is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) course titled "Mass Fatalities Incident Response Course." These courses can be scheduled with your State Emergency Management Office.

In October of 1996 Congress passed The Family Assistance Act in and required all American based airlines (and later all those operating in the US) to have a plan to assist families in the case of an accident. Each community should also have a plan in place to address these types of catastrophic events. The more our public safety agencies prepare, the better they are prepared to respond to and effectively manage any type of emergency situation that might arise. The community has entrusted us with their safety, so let's prepare now!

August Vernon is currently a US DOD (Department of Defense) Security Contractor serving in Iraq since July, 2004. He served with Emergency Management from 2000 to 2004 and the Fire Service since 1990. Currently a North Carolina Fire Service Instructor, Vernon served as a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) Operations Specialist with the US Army from 1991-1995. He teaches courses in Terrorism/WMD Response and has written articles published in various national publications. August can be reached reference questions, comments or training at