HazMat Team Spotlight: New Orleans Fire Department

Slideshow Images:

  • Hazardous Materials for First Responders I.A.F.F.
  • WMD Technical Emergency Response Training (TERT), ODP, Anniston, AL.
  • WMD Hands-on Training (HOT), ODP, Anniston, AL.
  • Special Topics, N.O.F.D.
  • In-Service Exercises, N.O.F.D.
  • Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Hazardous Materials Chemistry
  • Fire Instructor I, L.S.U. Academy

Monitoring Instruments & Identification Equipment

Monitoring capabilities include:

  • Drager Miniwarn MGD, O2/LEL/CO/H2S
  • Proengin TIMS Detector, Industrial
  • Drager CMS
  • Drager Tubes Kit
  • Photo ionization detector
  • CO monitor
  • TIMS detector
  • JCAD detector

Terrorist Agent ID:

  • APD 2000
  • SAW MiniCad
  • Proengin AP2Ce Detector, Nerve Agent
  • Ludlum, alpha radiation
  • Ludlum, beta, gamma
  • Area Monitor, radiation
  • Pocket dosimeters
  • Bio Response Kits
  • M 256A
  • M-8

Personnel Protective Equipment

Level A

  • Tychem (TK)

Level B

  • Tychem (CK)

Respiratory Protection

  • MSA 60-minute SCBA for Hazmat Unit. Firefighters have 30-minute bottles and Flying Squad has 45-minute bottles.
  • PAPR's for Hazmat Team

Research Resources

Computer Software Programs

  • TOMES/Micromedex
  • CAS-Community Alerting System

Hard Copy Reference Books

  • Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials
  • Bureau of Explosives Railroad Guide
  • Handbook of Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens
  • Gardner's Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names
  • Hazardous Materials Injuries Book
  • Rapid Guide to Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace
  • Handling Chemicals Safely
  • Drager Tube Book
  • CFR 49 parts 100-177
  • CFR 49 parts 177-199
  • Broderick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards
  • Agricultural Chemical Label book
  • Farm Chemical Handbook
  • G.A.T.X. Tank Car Manual
  • ERG 2004
  • Coast Guard CHRIS Manual
  • Jane's Security Guide
  • Jane's Chem/Bio
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism Book
  • Condensed Chemical Dictionary
  • Merck Index
  • NIOSH Guide
  • Handbook of Air Toxics
  • ACGIH, TLV's and BEI's Guide
  • Chemical Protective Clothing Handbook

Standard Operating Procedures/Guidelines

Check with New Orleans Fire Department Hazmat for specific SOP/SOG's

Hazardous Materials Exposures

Interstate 10, Mississippi River, CSX Rail Yards, Norfolk Southern Rail Yards, Port of New Orleans, NASA External Fuel Tank Assembly, Air Products-Hydrogen, 10 colleges and universities with lab chemicals, radioactive materials and compressed gases, New Orleans Cold Storage-Anhydrous Ammonia, Selig Chemical Industries-solvents and acids, Lockheed Martin-gases, solvents, and acids, Bollinger Gulf Repair Gases, solvents, fuels, acids, Lone Star Industries Fuels, Ammonium Nitrate.

Terrorism Response

Part of the Terrorist Early Warning System (TEW) with City of New Orleans. Developing response plans, resources, and intelligence.

Contact Information

For additional information or questions, contact Chief Steve Glynn at (504) 858-0534 or Captain Don Birou at (504) 858-7005.