David vs. Goliath: Attacking the U.S. Fire Problem

Let me share the story of a modern day Fire Service David that is planning on challenging the Goliath, which we all know as the American Fire Service.

  • Stop making excuses
  • Take the initiative
  • Act in faith that our mission is noble
  • Reassess and reevaluate our efforts as we move toward our chosen goals and objectives
  • Trust in God and in the rightness of our mission.

In this way we can come together and then hopefully move forward to make America a safer place to live. I have often heard it said that the fire service is best described as a work in progress. If this is truly the case, then I would urge you to step forward, join with us, and help us to progress in our efforts. Please join with the David, which is IFE to attack the Goliath-sized fire problem in our nation.

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