Test-Taking Strategy For Visualization

Visualization is the ability to picture a scene or object in your imagination. It includes the ability to picture changes in that scene or object. This type of test question asks, "Can you imagine...?" It is a test of your imagination. It requires you to think in pictures. If you have read a lot of comic books in your childhood, you may be quite skilled at thinking in pictures. In fact, if you think of yourself as an illustrator whose job it is provide pictures to illustrate written materials, you will find these questions easy to handle.

Often the key to a Visualization question is noting direction accurately: North, East, South and West. When direction is part of the material, put the traditional symbol on your drawing with North in the twelve o-clock position. Focus your attention on unchanging parts. Viewing objects from the opposite side reverses location of all parts of the object. For example, keep in mind that when objects are viewed from the back or inside, the parts of the object appear in reverse location.

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