Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Getting a Badge!

Like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, we’re not going to give you anything you don’t already have. We’re just going to show you where it is.

Like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, we're not going to give you anything you don't already have. We're just going to show you where it is.

Your odds of getting a firefighter badge are not the best you've ever had, right? But consider this. Those candidates, who get a proven oral board interview program, practice with a hand held recorder and get in a recorded private coaching session with a reliable coach with a good track record can improve their chances dramatically in obtaining their badges. That's right!

If you are testing and your results letter doesn't have a score in the hiring range you have to start asking yourself why. How can you make the difference to be over forty on the list and to be in the top ten going to the chief's oral to nail a badge? Did you ever see a batter change his stance after a few words from his coach? And then see his batting average go higher? Of course. As a firefighter candidate coach along with our son Captain Rob, we have been there, done that. Got the ball cap, T-shirt and played the game. We've seen beyond the horizon where you can't see.

I'm a coach and a seasoned veteran, someone who knows the game inside out, upside down, backward and forward. I let these experiences and insights keep you on the high road to a badge.

I have coached candidates who had no experience and those who have been trying up to 18 years to get a firefighter job or promotion. One thing is common with most. After beating their heads against the wall trying everything possible to get this job, they figured out that the real secret is being able to pass the oral high enough to get a shot at the badge. Because in most cases 100% of your score to get hired is in the oral board interview!

Can you do it on your own? It's certainly possible if you don't run out of money, jobs, family, friends and hope before you figure it out. Almost immediately candidates who get coaching figure out what they're doing wrong, get unstuck, improve their scores and get a real shot at a badge. You can look at the results other people just like you have gotten by using a proven formula. They simply got positive results by putting simple techniques into action. You can review what they have to say HERE.

What have you done so far that is going to get you the badge?

Do you spend money on classes? Books? Academies? Training? Then how about the oral board? Oh, yeah I forgot, you're good to go with the oral board right? You've got that wired. You can wing the oral. Right? Then where is your badge? I talked to a candidate the other day who had his chest pushed out saying he was number 15 on this list, twelve on that list and on and on. After several years of testing, he was still another bride's maid.

"There is no free lunch . . . But there are better places to eat."

How important is it to figure out what might be keeping you from getting a badge?

Our son Captain Rob and I are real lucky guys. We are able to figure out where candidates are stuck in this hiring process. We get to be part of the life changing experience of watching candidates use new skills getting the job of their dreams. This is our reward. It's very emotional.

This is an amazing story. I feel like I got the call. A large department sent out invitations for their chief's orals. A 20 year-old non- medic candidate called on short notice to get in for a coaching session. We did the session the next day.

On Friday a more seasoned medic called that his interview with the same department was on Monday (three days away). I asked, OK, have you been practicing with a tape recorder? Well, no. . . . You need to hear what the panel is going to hear out of your mouth? Yes. I know it's my fault. I just bought a tape recorder and will start practicing tonight. Any chance I can get in? Sorry, we don't do coaching sessions until a candidate has been practicing their script with a tape recorder. It's like pulling teeth for us and a waste of your time and money.

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