Noisy Opposition Won't Win

The ultimate protection from home fire injury and death is a total system of safety: smoke alarms, fire sprinklers and well rehearsed fire drills.This year marked my 25th anniversary working in the field of safety education and outreach. One of the most...

As part of that effort, we have created and are delivering effective new teaching materials at the community level so more families can learn about home fire sprinklers. You can help us increase the reach of these materials by using them in your own communities.

Fire Sprinkler Education for Children
Fire Science, for middle schools, introduces science students in a visual and engaging way to basic fire science principles, with a strong emphasis on home fire sprinkler systems. Through print and video elements and guided teacher reinforcement, students learn about the speed and danger of fire and why home fire sprinklers represent the ultimate in fire protection. The Fire Science program was recently mailed by HSC to 13,000 science teachers for classroom use. Download free elements of the program.

Fire Sprinkler Education for Older Adults
The comprehensive new All-Ways Fire Safe at Home program for older adults includes the home fire sprinkler message for this high-fire-risk population and their loved ones. The program is being distributed to 11,000 U.S. senior centers. Download free elements of the program.

The Home Safety Council has also recently launched two online tools to make continuous learning about home fire sprinklers a snap. The Fire Sprinkler Public Educators' site provides quick links to a range of helpful fire sprinkler teaching tools. The Consumer Fire Sprinkler site helps the general public learn about home fire sprinklers, dispels myths, and provides additional useful online resources. HFSC's Web site offers the most comprehensive resource available on residential fire sprinkler technology.

Our job as safety educators is to make certain that everyone - from child to parent, from renter to homeowner, from architect to builder, and from investor to policymaker - recognizes the deadly force of fire and the tremendous power of available technology to protect people from fire's harm. Home fire sprinkler systems need to be at the top of that list.

We have a long journey ahead. But each success represents a home that will be built to protect families today and well into the future. Who knows how many lives will be protected generation after generation?

There is great momentum building nationally for home fire sprinkler technology. There is no better reason and no better time than now to take a stand for improved home fire safety for all. Please join the Home Safety Council in this effort, and use your name, your expertise and your voice to raise awareness about home fire sprinklers.

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