Learn How to Master the Fire Service Hiring Game

It's not playing a game in a negative way, but the whole hiring process can be considered a game.

Treat everyone you encounter in the hiring process with utmost respect and courtesy. Besides this being the way you should be treating everyone anyway, and being the right thing to do, you never know when and where you will meet up with these folks again. Trust me, it is a small, small world out there. I used to love a sign I saw some years ago "be careful of the toes you step on today - they may be connected to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow." So true, so true.

You've probably heard the saying that "life is just a game." Yes, it is. Now take it a step further and realize that becoming a firefighter is also just a game. The key to your success is that you are able to master that game. Mastering the game will get you where you want in life, guaranteed. Follow the above mentioned steps and you will provide more focus to your pursuit of becoming a firefighter. Start taking control of your destiny, and do what it takes to be successful - only you can make the difference!