Merry Christmas to the Dumb Asses

It is a time for each of us to pause and ponder our coming Christmas celebration. There is so much to do and so little time in which to do it. This past week found me on the phone as usual trying to accomplish a wide range of dissimilar tasks done as the joyous season of Christmas fast approaches.

  • The actions of a great many of these folks in positions of leadership jeopardize the safety of people who probably know better but aren't in charge.
  • These thought-challenged folks must have sent their brains to the dry cleaners while the rest of their bodies went to school.
  • The length and breadth of their intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom are not sufficient to span the width of a narrow mind.
  • Their technical deck of cards is made up of 54 jokers.
  • When the Good Lord was passing out brains, these people said, "trains, I don't like trains."
  • These people have elevated myopia to an almost sacred status

I could go on for quite a few more lines, but I think you get the point. My friends, I can think of no better phrase than "dumb ass" to describe the ways in which far too many of us seem to be pushing the same buttons of stupidity hoping against hope to get a different outcome.

  • No brains
  • No heart
  • No guts (or whatever missing anatomical part works best for you)

Another interesting instance of this idiotic illness comes to us by way of a community in Wisconsin. I really have to feel for the fire chief in this instance, because he was working hard to use the government grant system to augment his department's limited staffing. Sadly he happened to be laboring on behalf of a governing body of limited vision.