Working with the Media to Disseminate Smoke Detector Facts and Myths

The smoke alarm is a topic the media likes to bring up in their stories , but sometimes their information is not completely accurate.If there is one invention that has saved tens of thousands of lives, it has to be the smoke alarm. The smoke alarm is a...

New smoke alarms are now available that have both an ionization and photoelectric detector in the same unit. This provides the best protection and it is now recommended that the fire service encourage the public to use this type of smoke alarm. It may take time to completely change all the existing smoke alarms to the new type; at the very least you can start by installing one photoelectric and over time switch over to the dual unit.

Smoke alarms do save lives. The media can be of service by spreading the word about the effectiveness of functional smoke alarms in the home. Take the time to provide information to the media about this important subject.

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