Remember December ... and the Magic Wands

While the 2005 numbers related to firefighters who died in the line of duty quickly catches up to the 2004 numbers, there are several fires that jolt our memories in recent times that occurred in what is supposed to be a otherwise joyous season.

But if the fire officer riding the front seat doesn't make an intentional commitment to do what the IAFF, NVFC, IAFC and NFFF are pushing, to be a boss and to make sure all their firefighters return without getting hurt or killed ... and if firefighters don't stop some of the predictably dumb things we do that have nothing to do with saving lives or being brave (driving like lunatics, not wearing PPE/SCBA, standing up in the rig/not wearing seatbelts, backing up and running each other over, etc)

We'll continue to force the Chiefs, Chaplains and Local/Company Presidents go pick up numb and shocked children, spouses and family members in the red car.

The Worcester and Keokuk firefighters died while searching for victims. They were heroes in the truest sense that should never be forgotten and is hard to-especially this time of year. On the other end of the "scale" though, have been some very tragic deaths of some great firefighters that simply did not have to happen.

Fire Officers and magic wands have been around for years ... but magic wands won't work in fixing our problem.