The Road to Future Success

How often have you been encouraged to participate in a planning session of one kind or another? If you are anything like me, you have attended countless planning sessions, and have the scars, tee shirts, and merit badges to prove your efforts. While I...

That is the key to strategic living. As I stated earlier, you must model the new behaviors you wish to see in others. Be the example for those who need to change. That is the way that my musings with you have been structured. Lots of mistakes have occurred in my life. In some cases the mistakes were mine. In other cases I was the victim of mistakes made by others.

The fact that I have not been killed me leads me to believe that these experiences may well have made me a stronger member of the fire service. I will not be so silly as to think that I am a wiser man. When you begin to tout yourself as a wise person, you set the stage for a future based upon boastful, prideful saying.

A number of you have actually accused me of having common sense. You would not believe the laughter which shook the Carter household when I shared those emails with my wife. That is one of the greatest benefits of being married and having children. Whenever the potential exists to develop a swelled head over someone else's compliments, your family will take out the pin of love and prick the balloon of false pride.

No, I am just saying that there are some things which you should do and some other things which you should avoid doing. Hopefully other people will see what you are doing and do the same things themselves. That I believe is the key to living strategically.