9-Year-Old, Home Alone, Burns House Down

A 9-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after setting fire to his family's house, where he was home alone, Thursday.
"I was on my way home and I noticed smoke when I was on Pembroke Road," Lisa Hill said. "I was like, 'Please, don't let that be my house.'"
It was, and she said the first thing on her mind was her son, Chucky.
Firefighters said that when they arrived, he was trying to put the fire out. By the time his mother got there, he was safe.
Firefighters said they found him with a lighter in his hand. He hasn't yet said what he was doing when the fire started.
His brother, Robert, said Chucky got a fire safety booklet in school not too long ago.
"He knows not to mess with matches," Robert Hill said. "I dont even know how he had got it."
No one was hurt in the fire, but the house was destroyed.
"I have me and my kids, and as far as the material stuff, we can always get that back," Lisa Hill said.