Better Than A Grant: Free Equipment and Training

So who is eligible you ask? To be more specific, any law enforcement, fire department, EMS agency, and even formally organized task forces are eligible to apply.

The good part is that they also pay for travel expenses. TIC award winners from Phase II had their training in Orlando just last month, but many of the rescue tool winners will be receiving local training. Once the training is completed you will either be given or shipped to you. If applicants do not send a representative to the training you will not receive your equipment. There are no exceptions.

Common Problems with Grant Submissions

Some of the common reason applicants are not awarded are similar to other grant programs. Many applicants do not fully answer the questions, or don't include needed details as to the need for the equipment along with the risks in the area served. Many times a lack of coordination between the department and the powers that be are the cause.

Every department needs to know what the Homeland Security plan is for their region and what their role is, because whether you know it or not you will be expected to perform that role when the time comes. One of the reasons that the Cost of Operations is included is that many departments have been observed to lack in the maintenance and upkeep of their equipment, some because of funding and some because of apathy.

Applicants definitely need to reiterate that they will be able to afford the yearly costs. The last major reason for not be awarded is the same as every grant program out there today: competition. There is only so much money and equipment to go around, so not everyone gets a piece of the pie. But this is the biggest reason of all to keep applying every year to every program that you are eligible for. It shows that the equipment is needed, so the more applications that are received that they can not award the more evidence exists that they need to increase funding to the programs.

The deadline for applications is September 22, 2006 so get a move on if you haven’t started anything. The only application guaranteed to not be awarded is the one not submitted.