Reaching Those Who Teach

Luckily for Americans, in every community there are extraordinary, gifted people who have chosen public service as a way of life. Among these local heroes are the caring and giving folks who work in fire and life safety education. People like...

Introducing and distributing these successful educational strategies and tools in a method that supports their widespread use maximizes our nation's investment in fire and burn prevention and safety efforts. That's good for you, it's good for your department and it's good for your community.

In an effort to achieve broad exposure to this educational opportunity, HSC will sponsor 100 state representatives to attend the Conference at no cost to their agencies, including travel and lodging. These sponsored representatives will be asked to share the materials and programs through in-state training, outreach and other effective delivery methods.

An invitation to nominate HSC-sponsored representatives to attend the Conference has gone out to state-level fire marshals. HSC is also opening up subsidized registration to 150 additional public fire and life safety educators who may attend through open registration at their own travel and lodging expense.

To learn more about the Conference visit the Expert Network. The Expert Network is a free online resource designed specifically to increase fire and life safety educator access to high-quality, tested and proven safety educational outreach materials - always at no cost, or low cost (to cover shipping and handling). Maximizing the availability of these resources even more, HSC will also provide information and materials from the Conference electronically on the Expert Network.

My colleagues and I at the Home Safety Council are delighted to see these important new projects come to fruition. We are grateful to have the support of FIRE Act Grant funding to help build capacity in fire and life safety education. We know the national survey will help organizations like ours better serve the public education needs of our nation's fire departments. And what better way to increase public education outreach than through a national conference to facilitate local replication of programs that have been proven successful elsewhere?

Your gift to us is your commitment to public service. We believe these new efforts are the least we can do to give back to you so you can fully achieve your fire and life safety education goals.

Learn more at the Expert Network.