Company Level Training - The 20 Minute Drill: Part 1

There are several, short 20-minute drills that accomplish numerous objectives and still keep the troops from revolting and commandeering the station.

As a company officer, you should participate in these drills. You are a member of the crew and are expected to have the same knowledge and skills. You should never ask anything of your crew that you are not willing to do. Remember the title of FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka's book, First In, Last Out. Your crew will be watching you. Set the tone for the shift.

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Larry Manasco has been with the Fort Worth, TX, Fire Department for 11 years and has has served as a lieutenant for the past three years. He holds the classification of Fire Officer I and Hazardous Materials Technician. He currently works in one of the busiest engine companies in Fort Worth. He has worked for Firehouse World in San Diego where he was an assistant instructor for FDNY B.C. Salka's "Get Out Alive" H.O.T. class. You can contact Larry by e-mail at