Booster Lines, Bullies and Buffoons

The other night I was out on the front porch puffing on my favorite brand of cigar and staring off into the distance pondering the movement of the earth around the sun. I was indulging myself with a moment or two of quiet time. As I counted the aircraft...

Even thought it seems quite simple, the battle will be difficult and you will be called names. You will be called many names, most of them not too nice. Many of these I cannot print here, but if we are to truly make a difference in the fire service we need to battle the booster toting bullies and buffoons who want change to disappear from their fire departments.

My view of life is just one of many. I only offer it for your consideration. If it happens to work for you that is good. If it makes you think so much the better. You can do whatever you want. I spent 36 years in the active and reserve forces of out nation protecting your right to do just this.

As my late grandmother was so fond of pointing out to me; "Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you." That might be true, but let me remind you that dumb-ass bosses sure can. Be on guard and always try to do the right thing.