S.C.B.A. Considerations - Part 4: Entanglement Hazards

Many case studies have documented firefighters becoming trapped or entangled in wires or cables when ceilings collapse.S.C.B.A. Entanglement HazardsThis is the fourth part in a series of articles focused on considerations for proper and safe S.C.B.A...

The S.C.B.A. is only exceeded by the brain as the most important tool for a firefighter. Operating with this piece of equipment in less than ideal conditions should become second nature with all firefighters. Practice and training may save a firefighter's life if ever confronted by the ultimate test.

(More information on Emergency S.C.B.A. Techniques can be obtained from the text R.I.C.O., Rapid Intervention Company Operations available through Thomson Delmar Learning.)



Jeffrey Pindelski is a 16 year plus student of the fire service and currently a Battalion Chief with the Downers Grove Fire Department in Illinois. He previously served for 12 years as a Firefighter and Lieutenant on the Truck and Heavy Rescue Company. Jeff is a staff instructor at the College of Du Page and also instructs courses at the Downers Grove Fire Academy. He has been involved with the design of several training programs dedicated to firefighter safety and survival and is the coauthor of the text R.I.C.O., Rapid Intervention Company Operations.