Reading Comprehension - Practice Exam Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part series of Reading Comprehension - Practice Exams.

17. To maintain an enthusiastic attitude toward your required duties and your fellow firefighters, you should do which of the following?
A)totally immerse yourself in your job at all times
B)try to maintain an equal balance between your job as a firefighter and your home life
C)your job should be your first responsibility and your home life following as a close second
D)maintain a positive attitude toward your fellow firefighters and treat them as you would your family

18. Engine 17, Engine 22 and Squad 3 arrive at the scene of a one and one-half story dwelling located on a cul-de-sac in which fire is coming from the first floor. A neighbor approaches the officer and two firefighters concerning pertinent details about the fire. Which of the following would be the first question for the officer to ask the neighbor?
A)Where do you live and what is your address?
B)Is there anybody presently in the house?
C)Did you see anybody running from the house or do you know how the fire started?
D)How long have the occupants lived at this address?

19. Your officer has just received information from the Battalion Chief that a complete apparatus inventory will be needed within one hour. Normally, this procedure would take 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Which of the following would be the best way for you to accomplish this task on time?
A)immediately start the apparatus inventory since there is little time to complete it
B)ask others to assist you in the job so that you retain a coordinator's role in the task with little or no work involved on your part
C)first look over the inventory, organize it, and see what will be needed to accomplish the task within the given time frame
D)tell the officer it will be impossible for you to complete this task within the time frame presented to you

20. You have just reported for your shift at a fire station and are stowing your gear in your locker when you hear something in the bathroom. You enter the bathroom and call out, but there is no response. You proceed into the bathroom and observe Firefighter B slumped over the sink. There is a strong smell of alcohol. What should you do?
A)ignore Firefighter B and forget the whole thing
B)immediately take Firefighter B home without telling anyone
C)summon an officer
D)ask Firefighter B if he is all right, how much he had to drink, and how long ago

21. A fracture is a broken bone. In a simple fracture, the skin is not broken. In a compound fracture, a broken end of the bone pierces the skin. Whenever a fracture is feared, the first thing to do is to prevent motion of the broken part. Suppose that a firefighter has just tripped on a stairway in the firehouse and twisted his ankle. He says it hurts badly, but you cannot tell what is wrong merely by looking at it. Of the following, the best action to take is to:
A) tell the firefighter to stand up and see whether he can walk
B) move the ankle gently to see whether you can feel any broken ends of the bone
C) tell the firefighter to rest a few minutes and promise to return later to see whether his condition has improved
D) tell the firefighter not to move his foot, and put in a call for medical assistance

22. Firefighters from Engine 24 and Ladder 20 have arrived on the scene of a multiple suite dwelling. Firefighters have been instructed by the battalion chief to initiate procedures for delaying spread of fire from one occupancy to the next. Which of the following is the best procedure to accomplish this task?
A) the doors between rooms should be closed as soon as possible to decrease the spread of fire
B) order hoselines into the occupancies on either side of the fire to limit the spread of fire
C) immediately open all windows within the occupancy to limit the spread of fire
D) stand by in a ready position, inasmuch as most occupancies have fire spread limitation controls to decrease the chance of ignition

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