Reading Comprehension - Practice Exam Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part series of Reading Comprehension - Practice Exams.

23. Firefighters have just arrived on the scene of a three-car accident on Highway I-90. Which of the following would be the first action taken by firefighters?
A) check for any injuries to the occupants of cars involved in the accident
B) immediately call for three or more apparatus to block the flow of traffic so firefighters will not be endangered
C) stand by and direct traffic at the scene of the accident until police and ambulances arrive to treat the injured occupants
D) immediately contact the alarm office to inform the police department of the accident and ask for their immediate response to the scene

24. During overhaul procedures, firefighters often come across valuable items (including money and jewelry). You are overhauling a bedroom and notice one of your fellow firefighters taking what appears to be an expensive piece of jewelry and putting it in his pocket. Which of the following would be the most correct action to take?
A) immediately go to your supervisor and inform him of what your coworker has done, without first asking for an explanation by the coworker
B) ask your fellow firefighter to explain his actions
C) immediately tell the firefighter that what he has done is dishonest and goes against all professional and ethical firefighter standards
D) don't say anything to the firefighter unless you are approached by the firefighter concerning the incident.

Do not make rash judgments without seeing if there is a reason for the behavior. Additional pratice exams can be found Here. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!

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