Thermal Imaging Cameras: Helping to Pick Up The Pieces

In the case of fire overhaul, the thermal imaging camera can help firefighters determine if the smoking portions of debris are covering up much hotter elements.

Francisco and the other firefighters made several trips back into the house and used the thermal imaging camera to determine if the objects were safe enough to handle before bringing them outside.

"We were picking things up with our bare hands, so we wanted to be sure everything was cool enough to pick up," Francisco said. "Because we were able to see if the objects were cool enough, we were able to save a lot more items than if we didn't have the thermal imaging camera. They had a lot of fine art hanging on the walls, and we could see if there was any heat behind the paintings before removing them from the walls. The last thing I wanted to do was take an object that was smoldering outside and possibly rekindle the fire out there."

The house is damaged beyond repair and will have to be rebuilt, but the family members were able to save many of their treasured items. They already have started putting their lives back together - thanks to the firefighters who were willing to help and the thermal imaging technology that made the process safer.

"After the fire was over, the owner expressed his gratitude for our efforts," Francisco said. "Knowing we could save even a small piece of that family's life before this devastation was incredibly satisfying to the entire team."

Mike Studer has been the Fire and Rescue Market Director since July 2003 and has been with Raytheon and Texas Instruments since 1982 in various manufacturing engineering and account management roles. Mike has five years of thermal imaging market and production experience and is a TI Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Raytheon Certified Six Sigma Expert. Mike's current responsibilities are to drive the fire and rescue market strategy and product development roadmap and to maintain and grow the fire and rescue market house accounts. Mike has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University.