Fire And Injury Prevention Jeopardy

Fire and Injury Prevention Jeopardy Session Reference: 1 Topic: Fire and Injury Prevention Jeopardy Time Required: 1 to 2 hours Materials: Chalk Board or White Board Questions as provided Game Board (create on...

  3. Answer: Place wet towels at bottom of the door and go to the window and signal for help

      Question: What is “defend in place”?

  4. Answer: A numerical identifier at least 3 inches high

      Question: What is a house number?

  5. Answer: A red box in a building sounding a fire alert.

      Question: What is a pull station?


J. Topic: “Be Cool About Fire Safety” (the video)

  1. Answer: How you move under the smoke

      Question: What is “fall and crawl”?

  2. Answer: To get everyone out of the house

      Question: What is “you gotta have a plan”?

  3. Answer: When designing a play area, consider this for each area

      Question: What is “Know two ways out”?

  4. Answer: Action to take upon discovering smoke or fire

      Question: What is “Don’t hide, go outside”?

  5. Answer: Action taken if your clothes catch on fire

      Question: What is “stop, drop and roll”?


K. Topic: Children

  1. Answer: A staffed facility to call for information and help for products ingested or inhaled.

      Question: What is a poison control center?

  2. Answer: A safety device used in vehicles for transporting young children.

      Question: What is a car seat/booster seat?

  3. Answer: The K.I.S.S. program

      Question: What is Kids in Safety Seats?

  4. Answer: A group of organizations focusing on preventing childhood injuries.

      Question: What is Safe Kids Coalition?

  5. Answer: The #1 health risk facing school age children.

      Question: What are unintentional injuries?


L. Topic: “Fire”

  1. Answer: A person who extinguishes flames

      Question: What is a fire fighter?

  2. Answer: Ashes need to be cleaned out of this area

      Question: What is a fire place?

  3. Answer: Where the engines and trucks are kept.

      Question: What is a fire house?

  4. Answer: Required in school at least 10 times per year

      Question: What is a fire drill?

  5. Answer: A device which is classified as A, B, C or D.

      Question: What is a fire extinguisher?




   • Electrical safety

   • EMS

   • Numbers

   • Traffic concerns

   • Risk Watch

   • Detectors

   • EIEIO – answers begin with a vowel

   • Around the house

   • Miscellaneous

   • “Be Cool About Safety”

   • Children

   • “Fire”


Fire and injury prevention knowledge assists firefighters to be more responsive to the wide variety of calls and to their community needs.