Know Your Enemy #47

We continue with our pictorial discussion of trusses which started with Know Your Enemny #44, Previous units are archived.

Photo By Frank Brannigan

Photo R251 - Site made trusses like this were recommended in Compton's Building Encyclopedia published in 1920 for low cost construction of churches and fire stations where clear spans are required. The multiple 1x6 web members are no advantage in a fire because they will all be burning at the same time.

Photo R268 - Site made light wood trusses may have a piece of plywood connector instead of a gusset plate.

Photo By Frank Brannigan

Photo By Frank Brannigan

Photo R269 - This roof truss and others like it failed when plywood connectors burned away. I do not know which will fail first plywood or steel.

We will continue our discussion of trusses in successive columns.