Wanted: A Great Public Education Officer

Having worked in the fire service for many years, all of those years in public education, I found myself recently serving on an oral board. Our unit was in need of some new “Pub Ed” people, and I was privileged to be included in this selection process.

Our department is fortunate to have a fully functioning Public Education Unit. I am aware that smaller departments sometimes rely on individual firefighters or other employees who show a flair and willingness to fill in and perform public education needs. This got me thinking, “What makes the perfect public education officer?” (Your department may call them “specialists,” “technicians,” “officers” or whatever, but for these purposes, they’ll be officers.) Of course, there is no perfect mortal, but if you could create the ideal public education officer, what traits would she or he have? Is there a natural born “Pub Edder”? How would the “specs” read? “Pub Ed Officer wanted, must …”: