Thermal Imager Training: Non-Traditional Uses

For most fire companies, the majority of responses are to non-fire incidents. Therefore, to maintain solid image interpretation skills, firefighters must find additional opportunities to use thermal imagers.

If you have used your TI in a creative or non-traditional situation, please email me at I will try to incorporate your story into a future article. By sharing your success stories with other fire departments across North America and the world, perhaps a Brother or Sister will save one of his/her citizens using your idea.

Use your TI often, wisely and safely.

Jonathan Bastian is a Thermal Imaging Specialist for Bullard. He is certified as a thermal imaging instructor by the Law Enforcement Thermographers' Association (LETA). He is also the author of the FD Training Network "FireNotes" book, Thermal Imaging for the Fire Service. Bastian served 12 years on the North Park, IL, Fire Department, including the last three as a captain. He has taught classes on thermal imaging, rapid intervention teams and search and rescue operations. He is currently a police officer in Lexington, Kentucky. If you have questions about thermal imaging, please send them to