Water Shuttle Operations

Topic: Water Shuttle Operations Teaching and Learning Domain: Cognitive Time Required: 2 hours Materials: Appropriate visuals and chalkboard or easel pad References: IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator (1st ed.), Chapter 14...

                                       Travel Time + Handling Time

Tanker Flow Rate = 2,250 gallons

5.75 + 9

Tanker Flow Rate = 2,250 gallons


Tanker Flow Rate = 153 gpm on a 3 mile relay


While it is not part of the classroom portion of the drill, a department or several departments may want to set up and operate a water shuttle operation to identify areas where improvements can be made in water delivery and to evaluate the efficiency of each tanker in terms of filling, dumping, and overall gpm in relation to the amount of water being carried in the tank. If this is done, keep safety in mind, especially as units are moving at the dump and fill sites and along the shuttle route. A department may want to pursue a better ISO rating for their community based on the ability to maintain a specific fire flow at the “emergency” scene.


Water Shuttle Operations

  • Water Shuttle Apparatus

  • Setting Up a Water Shuttle

  • Fill Site Operations

  • Dump Site Operations

  • Evaluating Tanker Performance