Sharing is a Good Thing

Do you remember being urged to share with others when you were a child back in the 1950's ('60's, 70's 80's)? That was one of the primary lessons stressed in school, in church, and at home during my formative years. If you had two of something and your...

The fact that my work no longer involves Newark does not minimize my ability or willingness to share what I know. Perhaps that tendency was taught by example to Bob and me by our parents. Each played an active role in a number of community organizations. They were willing to share the skills and enthusiasm with such groups as the National Guard, the Elks, the American Legion, the Order of the Eastern Star and the Masons.

During the years since my retirement from Newark, the urge to share has grown within my heart. Just look at the amount of sharing that has occurred as a result of the work that has gone into my weekly visits with you. It is hard to believe that my words have been appearing on this site for almost five years now. My goal involves sharing knowledge with you, my friend the reader. Your response has been heartwarming.

My sharing continues. During the next few weeks, I will be presenting a number of training programs. It is my intention to share the theories on leadership that I have developed over the past 40 years. Here is a list of my upcoming trips:

  1. The Adelphia Leadership Seminar