Teaching Stop, Drop And Roll

Session Reference : 1 Topic: Teaching Stop, Drop and Roll Time Required: 1.5 hours Materials: felt flame, small balloons, mats, Flip chart or graphics for stop, drop and roll References:    · Fire Safety for Young Children...

  2. balloons

      a. inflate small inexpensive balloon

      b. tie around child’s waist with string

      c. roll until the balloon breaks simulating extinguishment

      d. small children may be too light to break the balloon

      e. focus may change to balloon instead of the skill

C. Signs

  1. Stop – red hexagon

  2. Drop – yellow downward pointing arrow

  3. Roll – green circled arrow

  4. Have children repeat each step – start with “If your clothes catch fire, then…”

D. Skill can be done with no props at all however, hearing, seeing and doing will provide better instruction for the behavior.


VII. Practice

A. Organize the group – line up

B. Give a situation or use the felt flame

C. Demonstrate the skill

D. Practice assisting someone else to stop, drop and roll




   • Situations with children

   • Conditional statements

   • Teaching stop, drop and roll

   • Adult situations and prevention techniques

   • Assisting someone else

   • Equipment

   • Practice the skills