Success: A Matter of Persistence

The topic of last week's visit with you involved a discussion of some intensely personal thoughts on patience.

Many times the gang in Farmingdale had to make do with hand-me-down equipment from the fire districts in Howell. The relationships we have built up with them over the years have been a positive force for good in the region.

In each of the past two years, the Farmingdale Fire Department has been the recipient of funding from the Fire Act grant program. They have been able to upgrade their turnout equipment, their SCBA, and a wide variety of ancillary equipment, such as an air compressor system to support the new SCBA units.

To me as a neighbor, things in Farmingdale appear to be flying a lot higher now. But remember, it was dedication and persistence that got them to the point where the funds made a difference.

Let me now share an interesting tale that came from my long time friend, John Harris of Sevierville, Tennessee. John and I were roommates back in the days when we plied our trade as firefighters for the U.S. Air Force in Fairbanks, Alaska. I shall let John's words tell the story.

"Sevier County, where I live, gets over 9 million tourists a year.