Wildfire Outlook In The West

A look at wildfire potential for June across the West, from the National Interagency Coordination Center in Boise, Idaho.

-- Alaska: Normal. Near-normal precipitation expected for the rest of the month. More fire starts expected as lightning season starts.

-- Northwest (Washington, Oregon): Normal to above-normal. Danger expected to reach near-critical levels in late June, especially in north-central Oregon, central Washington.

-- Northern California: Normal. Potential for large fires expected to increase, but overall fire potential will remain normal.

-- Southern California: Normal to above normal. Little if any precipitation expected.

-- Western Great Basin (Nevada): Normal to above normal. Central mountains have concentrations of pinon and juniper killed by bugs; eastern Sierra slopes and Colorado River lowlands have high fuel densities.

-- Eastern Great Basin (Utah, southern Idaho, far northwest Wyoming, far northwest Arizona): Normal to above normal. Spring was warm and dry.

-- Northern Rockies (Montana, northern Idaho): Normal. Fuel conditions have improved.

-- Rocky Mountains (Wyoming, Colorado): Normal. Lightning strikes increase in June.

-- Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico): Normal to above normal. Fire danger expected to be above normal to critical in western New Mexico and Arizona, normal to above normal in eastern New Mexico.