Lessons Learned from a Life Well-Lived

This has been a very sad week for me. A man who I dearly loved, the 40th President of the United States, Ronald W. Reagan, has gone on to his reward. He seemed to me to be a man who was always in command. Whatever the problem, whatever the situation or circumstance, I felt confident in his ability to lead us in the right direction. It just seemed right.

His ability to share his vision for our country, as well as his ability to use humor, often at his own expense served as an example of how one should lead their life in a role where major challenges were the rule rather than the exception.

His ability to assume the responsibility for those he lead, even in times of serious challenge should serve as an example for anyone who ever aspires to assume the mantel of leadership at any level. This is a lesson that many today need to learn. How hard is it to say the words,