Is Your VFD Functional...or Dis?

Based upon some recent discussions in the "fire" world, here are a few thoughts regarding volunteer FD's, one that is appropriately, near and dear to so many firefighters and their communities.

From my standpoint, the volunteer fire service has a good, solid future but CHANGE may be needed for some companies in order to match the needs of those they serve. That means the internal organization may have to change to meet the needs of today's volunteer, and then the fire company must change to meet the needs of the community they serve. Is this stuff easy? Absolutely not. But it's all a matter of how badly a fire company wants to remain alive, well, effective and healthy to carry on the great American tradition. Sometimes it's a few organizational changes, sometimes it's leadership changes. In some areas, VFD's have now become combination FD's with some good career firefighters to help get the job done. In others, they have merged partially or completely to provide better and more effective service. Whatever may be needed, when it's planned for and done right, with the needs of the public as the Number One priority -- the future looks good.