FAQ's About Getting Published

Imagine going out to the mailbox and finding the latest issue Firehouse Magazine with a black cover.

Every photo should be sent with a one or two paragraph description of the event. It should include the city or town, departments that handled the incident, the date, extent of the fire and any injuries that may have occurred. A newspaper clipping of the event may also be helpful, but remember that is copyrighted material.

Every photo should also have your name, address, phone number. Additional information such as social security number may be needed later for payment but wait for further contact. Most magazines pay for the right to use your photo and will need this information in order to send you a check.

NEVER write directly on the photo. The pressure from the pen will be seen through the front of the photo, making it unusable. Write all of the information on a label and attach it to the back of the photo.

Every submission should also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Most magazines will return unused photos to the photographer if this is available to them.

There is no better feeling as a photographer, than to flip through your favorite magazine and see one of your photos inside. Try to think about your favorite magazine the next time that you are photographing a fire. Picture shots in your mind that you think will appear in the magazine and then take them. Have them printed out and ask you friends for their opinions. Get everything together and the send them in. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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