It is the Little Things that Matter

Life is a truly intriguing journey my friends. We are each born, we then grow, mature, live, and then at some point we die. It is really as simple as that. However, sometimes it turns out to be a whole lot more complex than the scenario I have set forth.

How many of you have read my words through the years wherein I exhorted you to take the global view? How many of you have heard me preach the doctrine of strategic planning? I am also fairly certain that you have also seen my descriptions of the need to have a clear-cut vision for your fire department. I truly believe that all of these are critical aspects of running an organization.

However, these theories cover but one aspect of life. This is what I like to call life at the macro level. We study the big picture and then chart a bold course for the future. We then congratulate ourselves at the depth of our wisdom.

Unfortunately, this is not the entire picture. There is much more to the whole picture than the main characters and the broad brushstrokes. I want to suggest to you that it is the little things that matter the most, for they provide the depth, texture, and perspective for life