Disasterhelp.Gov Website: A Valuable Community Resource

I'd like to take you through a brief overview of what Disasterhelp.gov is all about. The Disaster Management e-Government Initiative is one of 24 initiatives established by the President's Management Council.

Now the next level involves administration of department, local, regional or state websites within Disasterhelp.gov. If authorized to setup these resource pages you have access to determine the page setup, the channels selected to appear automatically when people access their regional information. It also allows you to give different access levels within the Collaboration Center as well as shared calendars, etc.


If something new is causing a threat to your community, you can quickly go into the website(s) that you manage and choose appropriate channel resources to address these issues.

When setting up these websites as an administrator, there is generally a one-day publishing period. They are reviewed by the Disasterhelp.gov staff and published usually within the next business day.

Whether you want to setup a personal page or a page for your department, locality or region, Disasterhelp.gov is filled with valuable resources for your use and its FREE. Visit Disasterhelp.gov today. There is so much more available but you'll have to spend some time to determine what is most useful for you.