Firefighter Fitness Case Study

In its infinite wisdom the human body is more concerned with survival than with appearance.

Males over the age of forty represent the largest age group of active firefighters in this country, and many are being confronted with the same issues as John was forced to face. Unfortunately, many times the situation seems too overwhelming to act upon, and nothing gets done. I urge you to take some action today. If possible, seek advice within your department. If you department doesn't support structured fitness programs, they may provide an incentive program that will pay some of the cost of a health club membership. Local gyms sometimes offer police and firefighter discounts as well.

As another option, put together a firehouse gym. Seek professional guidance on how to get it set up and fund the program by establishing a "fitness club" within the firehouse. Initially, each member can contribute a specific amount of money, and then continue to periodically pay dues. This will keep the gym growing and allow your fitness club to flourish.

Please note that the firefighter depicted in this case study is a composite character representing similar characteristics shared by hundreds of firefighters Michael Stefano has previously created programs for.

Michael Stefano is a 20-year veteran of New York City Fire Department, currently serving in the rank of captain, as well as author of The Firefighter's Workout Book, and creator of the Firefighter's Workout video. Stefano, an ACE certified fitness instructor, has been developing exercise programs for the firefighters he's worked with and the general public for the past nineteen years. His workout routines and articles have been featured on such Internet giants as AOL, Yahoo, eDiets, MSN and iVillage. Captain Mike is also available as a fitness consultant for fire departments throughout the United States.

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