Public Order Policies

Recent events showed the need for Toronto's police and fire departments to work together when handling civil unrest and disorder.

Program Benefits

The development of the program has yielded significant benefits to all agencies, as well as the citizens of the city, among them:

  • Increased coordination and cooperation between participating agencies during incidents of real or potential disorder
  • Development of joint procedures and interoperability protocols
  • Enhanced safety to all parties - responders, protestors and bystanders
  • Reduced response times due to apparatus staging and crew preparedness
  • Comprehensive development and maturing of the Unified Command process

Future of the Program

In response to overwhelming acceptance of this initiative, the program is being expanded by providing the following training in 2004, to include:

  • A revision and expansion of the Operations Level Course
  • An additional 100 firefighters trained to Operations Level
  • An additional 4 District Chiefs trained to the Technicians Level
  • An increased number of Mass Training Days including full scale exercises
  • Joint Decontamination Training with Toronto Fire, Toronto Police and partnering Public Order Police Agencies

An annual review of the role of Toronto Fire Services in the Public Order Unit will be formalized, along with operational procedures, communications, interoperability, and safety.


Interest in the program from outside agencies has been growing and requests for informal information exchanges continue to take place, placing the Toronto Fire Services in a unique position to share its experiences with other police and fire services. Key personnel in the program have now participated and assisted in the development of preliminary universal "framework" models and training scenarios for integrating differing fire service delivery models into public order police responses on a national scale.

At the local level, joint training is now a regular, scheduled occurrence and more than 50 events, involving hundreds of days and personnel have been successfully concluded.

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