Firefighter Pre-Basic IV

The student will demonstrate a basic understanding of ground ladder operations, positioning fire streams with ladders, carrying ground ladders, raising ground ladders, and climbing ground ladders. Session Reference: 4 Topic: Firefighter...

• Firefighter(s) on inside stretch arms outward with hands on beam with back straight and one foot forward and the other foot backward

• Ladder is lowered into object slowly

• Angle of ladder is checked with toes against heels and hands outstretched; palms should rest on rungs with back straight - adjust as needed

• Make sure heel and tip are stable

• Tie off halyard before climbing

• Ladder should be heeled when being used


Ladder Placement

• Important to select proper length ladder, especially when straight ladder is used

• For rescue in a window, the ladder should be placed against or just under the windowsill

• For firefighter operations in a window, the ladder should be placed with one rung inside the window if the window is wide enough; if not place the ladder at the windowsill or beside the window

• If the ladder is being used for ventilation in a window, it should be placed on the windward side of the window with the tip at the top of the window

• When placed at the front railing of a balcony or fire escape, or at a wall beside a railing or fire escape, extend the ladder two to four rungs above the railing for good handhold

• Ladders raised to the roof should be five rungs above the roof wall




• As the ladder is raised for rescue, it must be kept out of reach of the people to be removed

• Raise the ladder in a vertical position away from the building, extend if needed, and lower the tip to victims

• When placed at the window for rescue, the tip should be at or just over level of sill


Conscious Victim

• Assist victim down ladder by climbing below them if victim is able to climb

• If victim is unable to climb, the firefighter may be required to carry the victim if the weight is not too great

• May require second firefighter to assist


Unconscious Victim

• Firefighter is positioned on ladder near opening where victim is being removed

• Firefighter bends one knee

• Victim is placed on ladder on firefighter's knee, facing the ladder with arms and legs outstretched over beams

• Firefighter places arms under victim's arms with hands on rungs to protect victim's face

• Firefighter proceeds slowly down ladder, alternating knees to supporting victim's weight



Demonstrate the following using ground ladders:

• One, two, and three person beam carries

• Two, three, and four person flat carries

• One, two, three, and four person raises

• Placement for fire fighting, rescue, and roof operations

• Climbing


Provide an opportunity for students to practice




Firefighter Pre-Basic IV

• Introduction to Ladders

• Lifting, Raising and Carrying

• Rescue Using Ground Ladders

• Ground Ladder Practical