Community Safety Programs

There are countless programs available to educators to make the important connection between the classroom concept and the real-world practicality of keeping our children safe.

The Car Seat Inspection Program is in extreme demand in our community and the practical evidence of its importance has been shown in injury reductions to children in properly installed car seats within our fire district.

Life Jacket Loaner Program

The Life Jacket Program is another joint venture with the Snohomish County SAFE Kids Coalition. Life Jackets are available for both kids and adults from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Life jackets are checked out based on an honor system and need to be returned at the end of each day. Directions on the cabinets explain how to size your child for a life jacket. A waiver and check out form located on the cabinets need to be signed and placed in a check out box.

These are just a few of the programs out there for you to choose from. Pick the ones that are best for your community and most practical for your department to implement. Best of luck in making your city a safer place for kids to live!