Permits To Address Potential Hazards

How does your department address events and situations where potential hazards may exist? Fire codes require permits for specific operations that may occur in your jurisdiction. These permits may or may/not have fees assessed with them dependent upon the jurisdiction, however, the inspection that goes along with issuance of a permit is the primary concern. A permit inspection should address the potential hazards associated with the process, activity or situation the permit is required for.

Permits in general terms, give documented permission of the authority having jurisdiction for a permit holder to perform operations requiring a permit by the adopted fire code of the jurisdiction. The International Fire Code as well as other fire codes identifies numerous processes, events, or situations that must be permitted.

For just a moment, think about a significant event that occurs in your jurisdiction. It could be a concert, a state fair, fireworks display, or some type of festival common to your area. What permits are required by your municipalities for these events? Do you have a permit system in place for these and other events? For discussion purposes, lets consider a state fair.

There could be many types of permits required for this single event. First, lets consider what different things occur at a typical state fair. There are food vendors, merchandise vendors; large scale shows such as