In Memory of Father Raught

Recent events brought on by a small group of radicals in the state of California have given me pause to ponder the extent to which our great nation is headed down the drain. Forgive me if the use of the word God offends you. However, I believe in God. Please realize that my remarks are limited to the six individuals involved in this particular incident.

I have a great many friends in the Great State of California. That state has been a leader in many of our greatest innovations. I can only wonder at their level of sadness and confusion regarding the lawsuit that has been brought against the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. However, as we all know, the actions of a few can have serious consequences for the majority.

I fought in a war to defend my freedom to speak, think, and act as I choose. My father fought against the forces of evil in Europe during World War Two. My grandfather fought the Hun in France during 1918. I guess most of you are too young to remember that as