Firefighter Pre-Basic II

Proper knowledge and use of personal protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus is necessary to help provide a safe working environment for the emergency service provider. Session Reference: 2 Topic: Firefighter Pre-Basic II...

• Shut off cylinder and bleed with purge valve

• Shut off PASS device


• Donning drill

• Have students spread out in a large circle

• While in full protective clothing, each student shall don and place their SCBA in full operation with 1 minutes, using the four-step method


• Quick fill procedure

• Remove quick fill hose from pouch

• Remove protective caps and connect quick fill hose to male connection near regulator on left shoulder strap of donor unit

• Female connection should snap in place

• Green ring should appear near female connection

• Remove protective caps and connect quick fill hose to male connection on receiver unit pressure of two cylinders will equalize within one minute

• Disconnect hose, replace all protective caps, and bleed hose by pressing against solid surface, and replace in pouch with connections downward


• Changing cylinders

• Spread apparatus on floor with cylinder up

• Point cylinder valve at feet

• Extend and straighten all straps

• Turn cylinder valve off

• Bleed air off regulator by slowly opening purge valve

• Disconnect H/P hose from cylinder (check "O" ring in H/P connector)

• Loosen cylinder strap or holding device

• Remove cylinder from backplate

• Insert new cylinder to cylinder stop

• Tighten cylinder holding device; securing cylinder to backplate

• Check "O" ring in H/P connector before connecting high pressure hose

• Check proper position of regulator and straps by donning apparatus

• Turn cylinder valve on to check for leaks

• Bleed system by turning the cylinder valve off and bleed the air off regulator by slowly opening purge valve


• Practical exercises

NOTE: Before beginning this portion of the class, discuss hose couplings so that the students can use them to determine proper direction of travel during the obscured vision exercise.

• Obscured Vision Practical Exercise

• Students are to follow a hoseline going from one end (nozzle to water source or water source to nozzle) without losing contact with hoseline or becoming disoriented.

• Nomex hoods should be turned backwards so as to obscure vision taking care to not dislodge the facepice.

• Students will be spread on the hoseline at sufficient intervals to avoid working as a team.


• Wrap-Up - Clean facepieces, fill cylinders, and stow units





Firefighter Pre-Basic II

• Safety

• Protective clothing

• Self-contained breathing apparatus